Affiliate Marketing Opportunity 

Earth Harmony Wellness Institute & Nature Reserve is now offering 100% online University of Arizona CEU certificate courses. Therefore, we are seeking to expand our global student base. For those who have an interest and/or experience in wellness, natural health, indigenous healing arts, and/or ecology, you may qualify to apply for our Affiliate Marketing opportunity. It is free to apply and to get started marketing our University of Arizona certificate courses. Advertisements are restricted to approved wording, online and printed flyers, which we will provide to our Affiliate Marketers. All promotional material must be approved to remain an Affiliate Marketer with Earth Harmony Wellness Institute & Nature Reserve. Advertisement platforms must not be controversial or “adult based”.

Each of our Affiliate Marketers will receive a unique affiliate code which must be used on all advertisements. The codes will accompany a 10% discount, which must be used by the student when registering for our courses. The Affiliate Marketer will receive 20% of the course fee, after discounts and potential scholarships are applied. If the student chooses the monthly payment plan option, the Affiliate Marketer will receive 20% of the monthly payment each month the student pays. 

If you believe you qualify for our Affiliate Marketing positions, fill out the application by clicking the button below and agree to the Affiliate Marketing Terms and Conditions listed on the application. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within a week with a decision.

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