Green Building: Natural Finishes 
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Green Building: Natural Finishes (Includes Natural Finishes Practitioner Certificate) - 500 Hour Course

Includes 4 (40 Hour Interactive Online Learning) University of Arizona CEUs (File #1978)
Enrollment is continuous and the course is individually paced.
Course Creator & Instructor: Trinity Amun, OMD, PhD (c), MBA, MS (Environmental Science), Historic Adobe Home Investor & Restorer

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This course provides a comprehensive background on the history of natural finishes used traditionally by Indigenous and Native people across the globe. The lessons provide general information on natural building techniques, from ancient to current times. Adobe building, and specifically techniques in adobe derived and naturally compatible finishes, will be highlighted. Adobe is an ancient building material which fundamentally utilizes local mud, clay, sand and/or straw, and sometimes other natural ingredients, then formulated by hand into bricks, and sun dried for building construction. Adobe building has existed for thousands of years, consisting of many ancient monuments that are still standing today. Based on archaeological research, the word “adobe” has been stated to derive from the Middle Kingdom Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) word ḏbt, which means “mud brick”. 

There are a plethora of health benefits as a result of natural building construction and from the use of natural finishes. The health benefits range from environmental, psychological, physical, and emotional wellness. The use of local natural material reduces pollution caused from industrialized processes. Scientific research has documented the reduction in indoor air pollution, mold reduction, temperature control, and a reduction in  EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution inside of earthen buildings or conventional building with earthen finishes. 

There are ancient cultural ritualistic practices that were incorporated into the construction of “mud” earthen homes. This knowledge has been lost due to cultural genocide from colonization, and many Indigenous and Native people are removed from this cultural knowledge, hence, removed from a formidable ancestral wisdom, and in some instances, are even repelled by earthen homes based on the psychological effects of colonization and it’s demeaning stance regarding Indigenous cultural and lifestyle practices. However, in some parts of the world, and specifically in the Southwest USA, there has been a revival of adobe/mud home construction and restoration, based on its array of environmental, cultural, and health benefits. Unfortunately, the historic adobe homes throughout the Southwest USA are now overpriced and only affordable by a minor segment of society.

This course includes instruction on how to harvest and formulate natural earthen material for interior home/building finishes. Regardless of rather your home is constructed with earthen material or current conventional construction, there are tremendous health benefits from the use of indoor natural finishes.

Course Subjects:

  • History of Earthen Building
  • Indigenous Earthen Building Practices & Rituals
  • Environmental Benefits of Natural Building
  • Health Benefits of Natural Finishes
  • Locally Sourcing Earthen Material for Natural Finishes
  • Formulating Natural Finishes
  • Natural Finishes - Applications
  • and more!

For successful completion of the course, the student must complete live online video workshops, required readings, lesson assignments, and submit a presentation using PowerPoint, word or a similar format.  

The student’s assignments must be electronically submitted. The final presentation must consist of simulated sessions, based on the course material.

Course Creator & Instructor: Trinity Amun, OMD, PhD(c), MBA, MS Environmental Science, Historic Adobe Home Investor and Restorer

Academic Pre-requisite: High School Diploma

Technical Requirements: High speed internet to complete the required live online video (Zoom) course attendance. 

*Students must obtain the required books. Required books do not accompany the course.

INTRODUCTORY COURSE FEE: Distance Learning Course Fee (can be paid in full): $6999 (includes registration fee)

Monthly Payment Plan: Equal payments per month, over 10 months. (Course lessons will be distributed over the duration of the payment.)

Note: In addition to the monthly payment option listed below, monthly payment arrangements may be designed based on your personal circumstance. Scholarships up to 15% of the course fee, if paid in full, are available to those who qualifyContact us to establish an alternative payment arrangement or to receive a scholarship application.

CEUs are available through the University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education.

University of Arizona CEU Fee (Paid Directly to the University:  $25

The University of Arizona CEU transcript form will be provided to the student upon course completion.


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