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Geodesic Dome Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan Salt Cave / Halo-therapy

Our fair-trade Himalayan Salt is imported from Khewra in the Punjab region of Pakistan. We have chosen to partner with suppliers who are committed to safe and ethical harvesting and mining practices. Himalayan salt is considered a non-renewable resource, similar to many gemstones, metals, minerals, and other natural resources. However, Himalayan salt is found abundantly throughout six mines in Pakistan. There are several billion tons of Himalayan salt estimated in the Khewra mine, with only a portion available for mining purposes. Himalayan Salt is known to have formed 250 million years ago from the sea present during Cretaceous and Permian eras.  Himalayan Salt is also known for having the highest mineral salt content, with a minimum of the 84 minerals.  Himalayan Salt emits beneficial ions, and many have reported positive results from its use.  Some benefits may include:

  • Strengthens the Lung Meridian
  • Balances the Kidney Meridian
  • Respiratory Improvement
  • Allergy Reduction
  • Stress Relief
  • Improves Mood
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Energetic Cleansing
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Detoxification
  • Overall Respiratory Health
  • EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Neutralizer
  • Skin Improvement
  • Air Cleanser
  • An hour is known to be equivalent to ionic emissions from a few days spent by the ocean or waterfall
  • and more!

*For enhanced results, we use a halo-generator designed to emit small micro particles of medical grade salt into the air. 

*Results may vary.  Please inform our attendant of any health issues prior to booking.  Contraindications to halo-therapy may include; acute conditions of high blood pressure, pregnancy, edema, heart conditions, psychological disturbances, infections...

*Side effects may include; deep relaxation, mucus expels, and varying detoxification effects.

Our Bamboo Thatch Himalayan Salt Room Hut is slightly heated to approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The warmth helps to further emit the ions from the Himalyan salt, far-infrared from the Sonoran red clay base, and the aromatic strengthening and stress relieving benefits of the cedar wood base. Our Himalayan Salt Cave is contained by a 150 sf thatched Geodesic Dome hut, a replica of nature's blueprint that vibrates harmonic resonance, is known for increasing alpha and theta brainwaves, improving mental clarity, rejuvenation, harmonizing and aligning the chakras, and overall wellness.  The dome can comfortably accommodate 4 individuals (in reclined positions), or 10 individuals (in sitting positions) at one time.

To maintain our hygienic standards, prior to entering the Himalayan Salt Room, the client will clean their hands and feet with our herbal cleansing process, place the provided socks on their feet, and receive a palo santo cleansing smudge. Additional services may be included within the Himalayan Salt Cave.  Each session lasts for 45 minutes.  However, if a service is included that is longer than 45 minutes, the client may remain in the room for the duration of the longest included therapy.

You may print and and sign, then fax, email or bring in the signed Release Form at the appointment time.  Release forms must be signed prior to proceeding with our services and/or classes.

Massage therapist, wellness/energy practitioners, yoga/meditation instructors may book the room to administer services.  Contact us for additional information and to reserve your space.


Individual space in the Himalayan Salt Room- 45 minutes:  $100.00

Entire Himalayan Salt Room- 45 minutes:  $300

Heated 15" x 15"  Himalayan Salt Pillow (for temporary use during session, may be placed above or below body):  $20 each