“Dua Hotep! 

This course is amazing!  I have learned so much about nature and how to tap into nature's powers to heal my self and others.  I can definitely use the ceu credits.  This course is priceless.”  -Taylor J. - Massachusetts 

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Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Shamanism - ( Includes an Additional Kemetic Shaman Practitioner Certificate) 500 Hour Course

Includes 4 (40 Hour Live Interactive Online Learning) University of Arizona CEUs (File #1970)

Enrollment is continuous and the course is individually paced.

Course Creator & Instructor: Trinity Amun, OMD, PhD (c), MBA

Our Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Shamanism Course delves into the interconnection of nature, from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic levels within the universe and within ourselves, in correlation to the Kemetic Neteru (Nature Divinities), Kemetic symbolisms, including the Medu Neter (Hieroglyphs). This course will also explore Kemetic texts, and the connection to the science of Physics; the interactions between energy and matter. 

The course explores Kemetic healing practices, in theoretical and practical contexts. The student will be trained in Kemetic healing sciences, with an understanding of the layers and channels of the physical and energetic bodies in correlation with the natural environment. The course details invocation, evocation, and ritualistic methods of harnessing aspects of the Neteru to receive and transmit healing energy. 

Course Lessons:

  • Introduction to Physics from a Kemetic Perspective 
  • Understanding the Concept of Ma’at within the Balance & Order of NTR/Nature Creation
  • Sacred Geometry
    • (Maathematics) / Calculations
      • Pyramid Frequencies/Sacred Cubit
      • MerKaBa
      • Golden Ratio
      • Platonic Solids
  • Medu Neter (Hieroglyphics) Symbolisms
    • Numerical, Color, Tone, Elementals...
  • The Neteru Symbolisms
    •  Elemental, Vegetation, Animal, Planetary, Star System, and Frequency...
  • ​Kemetic Shaman Practitioner
    • The student will learn of the Kemetic origins of Herbalism, Reflexology, and Oriental Medicine through the study of one of the oldest known recorded medical text; The Ebers Papyrus, and through an analysis of The Channel Theory in relation to the Ib (Heart). We will also explore the associated depictions on tomb and temple walls of Kemet.  
    • Upon request, the student will receive Ankh Sekhem Maàt Energy Healing™ (Life Power Harmony) Heka/Empowerment; available in 3 levels, in individual classes, to embody the energy of Sekhem/Power for healing purposes, in the foundation of Maàt (Harmony/Balance).
    • Students will learn how to receive and transmit the Kemetic Medu Neter (Hieroglyphics), with instruction on projecting the Khemetic hieroglyphs onto vital points throughout the human body, to bring Ma'at (Harmony) to the vibrational field.
    • The student will receive instruction on how to practice and teach Dwa em Ra Yoga & Meditation System, which consists of 12 postures of the Neteru, information on their associated affective organs, Shu Hetepet (Breath work/offerings), the practice of Ra (Sun) meditations, and how to cleanse, harmonize and activate the Akh, Sekhem, Ib, Khat, Shuit, Ren, Ba, Ka, and the Sahu.    
    • Students will learn how to receive and transmit Divine aspects of Nature/Neteru, with instruction on the major, minor, and ancestral meridians/channels, aligning with specific Neteru in the foundation of Ma'at (Balance), for the purpose of correcting imbalances throughout the physical and energetic bodies. 
    • The course includes instruction on bringing Maa(t) (Harmony) to environmental imbalances throughout the axiatonal and ley lines (cosmic and earth channels/meridians), from the activation and amplification of the MerKaBa, using sacred geometry, Medu NTR (hieroglyphics), and attributes of NTR.
    • Instruction includes how to access the subconscious mind using Kemetic hypnotherapeutic applications, along with the study of historical Kemetic references on ancient mind-body philosophy and practices.

Invocation of symbols and Divine Natural Forces is an inherent indigenous practice of connecting, communicating, and co-creating with the healing forces of NTR/Nature.

For successful completion of the course, the student must complete live online video workshops, required readings, lesson assignments, and submit a final presentation using PowerPoint, word or a similar format.  

Course Creator & Instructor: Trinity Amun, OMD, PhD (c), MBA, a called Hmt NTR of Sekhmet, has been intuitively guided over many years to utilize Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (Medu Neter) and the Neteru (Nature’s Divine Attributes) for vibrational healing and consciousness development.

This course is based on the book by Dr. Amun; Khemetic Shaman Healer, published in 2017, available in limited quantities, and Kemetic Shamanism (Book II), available for pre-order now through
Additional books and reading material is required.

Academic Pre-requisite: High School Diploma

Technical Requirements: High speed internet to complete the required live online video (Zoom) course attendance. 

*Students must obtain the required books. Required books do not accompany the course.

Distance Learning Course Fee (can be paid in full):  $9999 (Includes registration fee)

Payment Plan: Equal payment a month, for 10 months. (Course lessons will be distributed over the duration of the payment.)

Note: In addition to the monthly payment option listed, monthly payment arrangements may be designed based on your personal circumstance. Scholarships up to 15% of the course fee, if paid in full, are available to those who qualify. Contact us to establish an alternative payment arrangement or to receive a scholarship application.

4 University of Arizona CEUs are available. To receive your University of Arizona transcript, a $25 fee must be Paid Directly to the University. The University of Arizona CEU transcript form will be provided to the student upon course completion.


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“I am so thankful to have found this course. I have felt a calling to shamanism, and I have always been fascinated with KMT. This course combines actually everything I wanted to learn about practicing as a shamanic Healer while connecting with Kemetic gods and goddesses. The information I received from this course is not what I could of found in one place. I am suggesting everyone I know who love Kemet and shamanism to take this course while it is still available.” -Zara J. - England