Earth Harmony Wellness Institute & Nature Reserve

An Exclusive Eco Retreat in Tucson, AZ - Distance & In-Person CEU Courses

Classes are available for booking anytime daily from 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM MST at our nature reserve. Classes are now offered as individual instead of group instruction. Classes must be paid in full two weeks prior to class appointment time. Appointments for online classes must be cancelled at least 72 hours prior to class time to receive a refund, and 7 days prior for an in-person class refund.

*Live online class times may accommodate your availability.

One to One Instruction:
$499/60 min. - in-person class
$299/60 min. - live online class

*Classes are taught by Dr. Trinity Amun, OMD. In-person students must complete our Waiver & Release form prior to booking confirmation.

Swimming Dragon Qigong - individual Instruction

Swimming Dragon Qigong utilizes twisting and flowings motions to stimulate the Qi (Energy) and Blood throughout the body, dissolving blockages. The exercise also strengthens and provides flexibility to all the joints including the spine, strengthening all the internal organs and the Kidney meridian. Additional benefits include; weight loss, waist slimming, anti-aging, skin and uterine health. The practice begins with a series of Dao Yin (Taoist Yoga) warm-up stretches.

You may register below.

In-Person Class - $399/60 min.
Live Online Class - $200/60 min.
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