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Online Classes 

A successfully completed class is equivalent to 0.50 (5 hour) credits units, which may be transferred to our University of Arizona CEU certification courses. Each available class is based on a lesson from one of our certificate courses. Class instruction is administered through online learning and electronic e-mail delivery. Upon successful completion of the class, you will receive a letter of class completion. After completion of the class payment, the student will receive a preliminary class guideline by e-mail within 72 hours. Delivery of class material (online links and downloads) will initiate within one week from successful enrollment into the class.

Due to quarantine restrictions, in-person class workshops at our Nature Reserve in Tucson, AZ, are temporarily postponed. Over night camp in our glamping accommodations are also temporarily postponed.

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Enrollment is continuous and classes are individually paced.

Class Fee: $999/Per Class 


Ankh Sekhem Maàt Energy Healing™ (Life Power Harmony)
The complete Ankh Sekhem Maàt Energy Healing™ is included in our Kemetic Shamanism certificate course. However, for those who are only interested in becoming Kemetic based energy healers, may choose to learn this system of healing without enrolling into our Kemetic Shamanism certificate courseAnkh Sekhem Maàt Energy Healing™ was developed by Dr. Trinity Amun. It is a Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) energy healing practice designed to activate the Ka (life-force), embody the energy of Sekhem/Power for healing purposes, stabilized in Ma’at (Harmony). The system is available in three levels, and involves Heka (empowerment/ attunement) per level. The student will also learn how to invoke/evoke Ankh Sekhem Maàt for self-healing and to assist in the energy healing of others and the environment. 
Level I:
  • Heka (Empowerment/Attunement) Preparation Instructions
  • Level I Heka (Empowerment/Attunement): Can be effectively completed by distance
  • Level I Kemetic Symbols
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Self-healing Instruction

Ankh Sekhem Maàt Energy Healing™ (Life in Harmony) Level II
  • Heka (Empowerment/Attunement) Preparation Instructions
  • Level II Heka (Empowerment/Attunement): Can be effectively completed by distance
  • Level II Kemetic Symbols
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Instruction on Healing Others

Ankh Sekhem Maàt Energy Healing™ (Life in Harmony) Level III
  • Heka (Empowerment/Attunement) Preparation Instructions
  • Level III Heka (Empowerment/Attunement): Can be effectively completed by distance
  • Level III Kemetic Symbols
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Instruction on Environmental Healing and Transmitting Heka to Others

Dwa em Ra Yoga & Meditation™ (Salutations to the Sun)
This system, developed by Dr. Trinity Amun, is a Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) based holistic health practice designed to activate and stabilize Ma’at (Harmony) within the Ka (life-force) through Tjef em Neteru (Movements of the Gods/Goddesses). The 12 postures activate the 12 major energy lines (meridians) of the body, and the associated 12 major organs of the body, bringing Ma’at (Harmony) to the Ka. The Meditation incorporates sun-gazing practices that are safely performed at certain times of the morning and/or evening. Students will learn how to perform a variety of sun-gazing practices through direct contact with the Sun and through visualization.
  • Kemetic Historical Roots of Yoga
  • Foundational Breathing Practices
  • Understanding the Ka (Life-force)
  • 12 Meridians (Energy Lines) & Their Organ Associations
  • 12 Postures of the Neteru & Their Associations
  • Appropriate Body Mechanics & Posture
  • Contraindications 
  • Sun-Gazing Practices
  • (Sun) Ra, Melanin, Pineal Gland & The Liver

Kemetic Reflexology 
There are depictions of Reflexology treatments performed by our ancient ancestors on various temple and tomb walls of Kemet. Reflexology is the application of applying pressure or stimulation to points along the hands and feet that correspond to the 12 major organs of the body. This application of pressure or stimulation results in balance of the organs, providing rejuvenation, detoxification, and relaxation to the systems of the body. The course explores meridian based health practices found in the oldest recorded medical text from Kemet; the Ebers Papyrus. Details and charts are provided of hand and foot reflexology points, the 12 major meridians and their connection to the 12 major organs of the body. 

  • Assessments
  • Kemetic Roots of Oriental & Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Meridians & Organs
  • 5 Element Theory
  • Reflexology Applications

Intro to Physics from a Kemetic Perspective
In this class the student will begin to understand Physics from a Kemetic perspective. Physics is defined as the science of matter and energy, and specifically, the interactions between matter and energy and how one affects the other. This class incorporates an overview study of Kemetic references in relation to the creation of matter, worlds, and universes. These references will be explored through the study of the components of Physics in relations to Kemetic texts. 
  • Electricity, Magnetism, & Heat
  • The Science of Ma’at
  • Light & Sound
  • Mechanics & The Structure of the Atom/Atum

Taoist Foundational Meditation

This course details the benefits of regular tantien (abdominal) breathing exercises, information on associated acu-points, correct posture, tongue placement, mindfulness tantien meditation, and beginners to advanced tantien breathing practice to address a variety of ailments. The main benefits of this practice consist of an array of mind, body, and spiritual enhancements, including; immune system improvement, biological system regulator, health longevity, chi/qi (life-force) enhancement and fortification, and much more.


  • Tantien Breathing Practice
  • Tantien Acu-points
  • Correct Posture
  • Mindfulness

Nutritional Overview: Foods for the Organs

Our Nutrition class provides a list and description of a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes in association to the affective organs.


  • Foods to Address Organ Deficiencies
  • Mineral & Vitamin Content of Foods & Their Effects on the Organs
  • How to “Eat to Live” Based on the Necessities of the Organs

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