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Medicinal Rhythms of The Indigenous World by Earth Harmony Wellness Institute & Nature Reserve, is a musical composition, composed by Dr. Trinity Amun, OMD, inspired by the ancient Anasazi petroglyphs of the Southwest USA, and the HetHeru (Hathors). Each track is intended to guide the listener into an inner meditation journey, using three main phases of a shamanic healing ritual. Indigenous Drum Therapy practices are detailed in our University of Arizona CEU approved Ecopsychology certificate course.

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Physical CD Available: $19.99/each

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Earth Harmony Meridian Herbal Teas 

Our Meridian Herbal Teas were specially formulated by Dr. Trinity Amun, OMD, as a general harmonizer and strengthener of the major 12 meridians, individually or simultaneously.  To optimize the health of certain organs of the body, we recommend basing herbal intake on the circadian rhythm, where each hour of the day or movement of the sun is associated with the activity of one of the 12 major organs.  Dr. Amun developed a balanced combination of several herbs used to support proper functioning of the body's organs, strengthening one's qi (life-force), balancing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  The compostable unbleached recycled tea box contains 20 unbleached natural tea bags with a combination of organic, non-gmo herbs.  Our Meridian Herbal students will receive all 13 tea boxes upon course completion. - $10/box

3 Boxes (Sold in trio) - $30 

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30 Boxes - $150

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Organic Kamut Grass (Khorasan Wheat)

Life-Force Nutrition - Live, fresh, green sprouted grass is the foundation of Biogenic Nutriton.  We grow grass from organic Kamut (Khorasan wheat grain, commonly used in Kemet/Ancient Egypt).  Kamut Grass, is more nutritious than Wheat Grass, and provides the body with protein, a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll,  and micro-nutrients.  Kamut Wheat grass oxgenates the blood, balances the body's PH, and hormones.

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 Wild Harvested Prickly Pear (Nopal)

Nopales is known for its high fiber and macronutrient content.  The fruit is considered a superfood by many native healers, with significant antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and cellular rejuvenating properties.

1 lb. - $7 (5 lb. order minimum)

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Wild Harvested Mesquite Pods

Mesquite pods have been a part of the local native traditional diet for many moons. The pods are considered a superfood, high in fiber, nutrients, and low glycemic; assists in balancing blood sugar levels and diabetic conditions, strengthens the liver and kidney meridians.  

8 fl oz - $20 (3 order minimum)

Available seasonally from our Nature Reserve - 2 Day Shipping is also available throughout the U.S.

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Aum-Ka Wellness™ Sonoran Desert Red Clay Herbal Face, Hair & Body Mask

*To maintain product freshness limited supplies are in stock.  Product created upon order, ethically excavated from our Nature Reserve.

Dr. Trinity Amun, OMD has handcrafted our botanical body mask to cleanse and nourish all skin and hair types.  Our mud mask contains a combination of locally and ethically sourced 100% all natural organic Sonoran Desert red clays, wild-harvested herbs and flowers, in a solution of prickly pear juice, jojoba oil, and aloe vera juice, designed to purify and harmonize the skin, hair, subtle and physical body.  The mask may also assist in reducing skin conditions; acne, blemishes, rashes, insect bites, and remineralizing the hair.  Apply to the face, hair, or entire body, and leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes.  The mixture may also be added to foot soaks, which will also assist the body and energetic systems in detoxification.  8 fl oz - $20

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Kemetic Shaman Healer: Healing with The Hieroglyphs - Book I by Dr. Trinity Amun Paperback – September 5, 2017 (Limited Availability)

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