“I loved finding out about the wild growing herbs in my area. I never knew there were so many medicinal plants growing right around me. We usually just overlook them as weeds and evasive plants, but this course was very enlightening, and helped me to identify local wild plants. Thank you so much Dr. Trinity!” -Ruby O. - Arizona

Medicinal Plants: Chahta (Choctaw) Medicine Man/Woman Course

 (Includes an Additional Chahta Medicine Man/Woman Practitioner Certificate) 200 Hour Course

Includes 2 (20 Hour Live Interactive Online Learning) University of Arizona CEUs (File #1955)
Enrollment is continuous and the course is individually paced.
Course Creator & Instructor: Trinity Amun, OMD, PhD (c), MBA, MS, Master Clinical Herbalist, Nanishtahullo

Medicinal Plants: Chahta (Choctaw) Medicine Man/Woman certificate course offers comprehensive instruction on plant medicine used by the Chahta tribe of North America. The course includes instruction on Chahta folkloric plant medicine and it’s psycho-spiritual, ritualistic, and medicinal use, how to identify, locate, select and therapeutically utilize plants. The student will be introduced into the Way of Kowi Anukasha (forest dwellers) and Bohpoli (the thrower), both known as the “little people” of the forest, who instruct and assist in the use and manufacture of plants medicines. Chahta lore states that the Bohpoli would take individuals into the forest to teach them how to be medicine men/women. The course includes a selection of Chahta Anumpa (Choctaw language) names, terms, and folklore. The lessons include instruction in Hobechi (herbal sweat lodge) also known as Alaksha. Herbal ritualistic processes, wild-harvesting protocols, including sustainable plant harvesting processes are included. The lessons details the elemental relationships to the organs, and how to choose the appropriate plant based on its qualities; temperature, taste, classification, and energetic attributes. 

The instruction explores the deeper aspects of the Nanishtahullo/Ishtahullo (Shaman) traditions of the Ancient Chahta People of the Mississippi Valley Civilizations. The lessons include details on conducting Nanishtahullo/Ishtahullo (Shamanic)  Holhpokunna (dream journeying) using ahlepa (drum) and chasha (rattle) to connect to spirit totems, guide through the underworld to meet Sinti lapitta (horned serpent)and align with the Universal Light codes emitting from the Hushtahli (Great Sun), to optimize the DNA, reveal and develop Ancestral alhtampa (balance) of the mind, body, spirit, based on the Chahta origin birth from Nanih Waiya (Original Mother Mound). The course includes select information on the ceremonial Waiyu; the sacred geometrically and cosmically aligned Mississippian Valley Mounds, that exist enmassed throughout North America. The ceremonial Mounds are primordial cosmo-telluric scientific technology of interconnected underground tunnels, with centralized space stations, that functions as electromagnetic portals for the celestial realms and power stations. Native lore reveals that the Ancestors would gather at the ceremonial Mounds at certain times to communicate with their Star Ancestors for guidance and alignment.

Course Subjects:

  • History of Chahta (Choctaw) Plant Medicine
  • Holhpokunna (dream journeying)
  • Chahta (Choctaw) Plant Medicine Rituals
  • Alaksha or Hobechi (herbal sweat lodge)
  • Chahta (Choctaw) Psycho-Spiritual Plant Medicine Therapies
  • Selection of Chahta Anumpa (Choctaw language) Plant Names, Terms, Invocations/Evocations
  • Wild-Harvesting
  • Sustainable Plant Management
  • Plant Identification
  • Historical Uses
  • Assessments
  • Meridians & Organs
  • 5 Element Theory
  • Indications & Contraindications
  • Herbal Infusion Preparation 
  • Herbal Fumigation
  • Chahta (Choctaw) Herbal Talismans & Amulets
  • Herbal Tincture & Powder Preparation
  • Herbal Topical Preparation
  • Chahta Origins; Nanih Waiya
  • Mississippi Valley Civilization & Their Ceremonial Mounds/Earthworks
  • and more!

For successful completion of the course, the student must complete live online video workshops, required readings, lesson assignments, and submit a final presentation using PowerPoint, word or a similar format.  

The student’s assignments must be electronically submitted. The final presentation must consist of simulated sessions based on the course material.

Course Creator & Instructor: Trinity Amun, Oriental Medicine Doctor, PhD(c) Psychology, MBA, MS Environmental Science, Master Clinical Herbalist, Nanishtahullo (Chahta/Choctaw Shaman)

Academic Pre-requisite: High School Diploma

Technical Requirements: High speed internet to complete the required live online video (Zoom) course attendance

*Students must obtain the required books. Required books do not accompany the course.

Distance Learning Course Fee (can be paid in full): $6999 (includes registration fee)

Monthly Payment Plan: Equal payments per month, over 10 months. (Course lessons will be distributed over the duration of the payment.)

Note: In addition to the monthly payment option listed, monthly payment arrangements may be designed based on your personal circumstance. Scholarships up to 15% of the course fee, if paid in full, are available to those who qualifyContact us to establish an alternative payment arrangement or to receive a scholarship application.

2 CEUs are available through the University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education.

University of Arizona CEU Fee (Paid Directly to the University):  $25

The University of Arizona CEU transcript form will be provided to the student upon course completion.


“OMG!  This course was fantastic.  I have been a professional herbalist for over 30 years.  However, this course has taught me assessments that I did not know prior.  I also learned more about the energetic qualities of herbs, and how to determine imbalances of our organs.  A phenomenal course!!!  Thank you!!!”  -Suzanne D. - New .Mexico