Student Policy Agreement Between The User (You) and Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun

University of Arizona CEUs (Continuing Education Units) - Approved by International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Continuing education units are an effective way to measure, record, and report a person’s participation in continuing education activities. They are a nationally recognized and respected method of granting non-degree credit.

The total number of CEUs awarded depends on how much time your participants spend in a formal learning situation. Other educational activities connected with the program are also considered. 

Participants earn one CEU for each 10 “contact” hours spent in an organized educational activity. According to requirements set by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), this activity must meet under the direction of an approved sponsor and qualified instructors. University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education has designated Earth Harmony as an approved sponsor, and Trinity Amun as an approved qualified instructor.

Since CEUs are not equivalent to academic credit, they are considered non-degree units of credit. However, CEUs are accepted by some colleges and universities. Please check with your institution for details.

Upon successful completion of the CEU course, CEU transcripts can be requested by the individual student for an additional $25.00 fee. CEU transcripts are available from the University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education. The course will accompany the transcript form, which must be completed and sent to the University of Arizona office of Continuing & Professional Education with the $25 fee to obtain the transcript.

Online Formatted Programs and/or Digital Downloads Policy

Upon creating an account and/or logging in to any online program(s) or accessing and downloading any digital product(s) the user has read and agreed to the policies as listed on our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and the Student Policy as listed below.

If you do not agree to our Privacy PolicyTerms and Conditions and the Student Policy, DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER, CREATE AN ACCOUNT, ENROLL IN A CLASS, OR REGISTER FOR A COURSE.

Refund Policy

Upon successfully issuing a class or course payment, the student has 24 hours to request a refund or exchange.  We must receive email or verbal notification within the first 24 hours of placing your order.  In addition, if the class or course has been taken, no refund will be issued. After 24 hours of ordering your class or course, no refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be granted.  Upon creating an account and completing the registration process or upon accessing or completing an exam, no refunds or exchanges will be granted.

Digital Download and Online Access Usage Terms

If the registered student shares their login information, the original registrant will immediately lose all privileges and access to the online learning portal and course(s).  No refund will be issued if the original registrant fails to comply with these terms.

Grading Policy

Currently grade percentages are only included in our Certificate Courses.   Grade percentages are a reflection of student mastery of course learning outcomes.  Faculty may evaluate student performance through quizzes, exams, discussion posts, class participation, research work, essays, projects, presentations, and other appropriate assessments.

Grading Scale

Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun uses a percentage grading system.  All courses and course percentage, except those that reflects the following chart, provides a breakdown of letter grade to percentage grade and Grade Point Average (GPA): 

Letter Grade

Percentage Grade

Grade Point Average (GPA)








































* Please note:  Students will be required to repeat a test or final presentation in which a percentage below a 70% is earned.  Grading will be based on a rubrics, which will be included in the course material.

P (Pass) — Indicates that the student has completed a course.

NP (No Pass) — Indicates that the student has not completed a course.  

W (Withdrawal) — Indicates official withdrawal.

WA (Administrative Withdrawal) — Student has been administratively withdrawn due to 3 months of course inactivity with no communication.

I (Incomplete) — Indicates the student has not completed required course and/or assignments. 

R (Course Repeat) — Indicates that a course has been repeated.

U (Ungraded) — Indicates that the student course assignments have not been graded.

Certificate Delivery

Upon successfully passing a course, certificates are validated and submitted to our Certification Department for processing. Certificates are mailed First Class Mail within 2-3 weeks of validating results.  We do not use tracking or confirm delivery using this method.

Due to postal fee increases, all international orders must pay the minimum shipping fee of $50 per certificate. If you would like a free digital certificate, you may request one instead of shipping a physical certificate.

We are not responsible for postal delays or non-delivery of your certificate once it leaves the United States Postal Service.


You may make a payment 24 hours a day. Class students will receive the initial electronic class material approximately 7 business days after order placement.  Course students will receive the first lesson of the electronic course material approximately 7 business days after receipt of course payment. 

Payment Methods

All courses must be prepaid in full prior to course delivery.  No personal checks, wire transfers, or C.O.D’s are accepted. We do accept money orders and bank checks. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Debit Cards, Discover, American Express & Company Checks. If using PayPal, please review our no return policy prior to purchase. Please contact the Administration Department for the submission process.

Payment Plans

The cardholder will be automatically billed every 30 days from the purchase date until payment in full is received (refer to the program for payment plan specifics). These payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. If the cardholder should default or cancel, access to the program will be terminated and any monies paid will not be refunded. Certificate is held until payment in full is received

Lost or Stolen Materials

Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun is not responsible or required by law to replace any lost or stolen materials once an order has been delivered. We are not responsible for providing or giving access to any of our online programs if the student purchased a CD/DVD format.

Discontinuing Programs

Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun retains the right to discontinue any programs, at any time, without prior notice. Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun will not replace programs that are no longer in production or have been discontinued. The certificate will continue to be honored but cannot be replaced if the certificate is lost or stolen.

Administration Fees

If a student requires additional documentation from Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun (copy of certification, verification of certification, transcripts, billing adjustments, etc.), the student will be responsible for paying $25 for additional assistance outside of the normal administrative support assistance.

Student Privacy Policy 

Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun maintains records for each student. Student records include the student’s membership sign up, enrollment application and agreement, registration contract(s), any personal information necessary for the business, transcripts, comments, evaluations, letters of concern and appreciation, and records of any membership or educational actions. Our staff and the applicable regulatory agencies have access to student files for educational and business purposes. Third party access to student records is limited unless the student has provided written consent. Students have rights of inspection and correction of their records. Student information of a private, personal, or confidential nature that is provided to us will only be disclosed in compliance within the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Information required for transcripts of all former students will be kept for at least 6 years from the date of termination of enrollment.

As an Institute of Higher Learning, the federal rules provided by FERPA govern student privacy.

Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun adheres to FERPA requirements to maintain the confidentiality of academic and personal records of each student. Directory information, including name, major field of study, dates of attendance, certificates received, and enrollment status may be released at the discretion of the Registrar. If a student does not wish any of this information to be released, he or she must notify the Registrar once each year in writing by the end of the second week of the term.

To ensure maximum safeguards of information contained in a student’s personal record, we will disclose information of a confidential nature only to the student, to a parent/guardian who claims that the student is a dependent, has documents to confirm dependency, or includes a third party upon receipt of expressed written permission of the students. Refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions also.


We cannot guarantee employment at any particular facility after course completion.

Mission Statement, Philosophy & Code of Ethics

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, from the use of the information provided in our business development programs, educational products, or consulting services.

For purposes of this section, Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun and its divisions, subsidiaries, successors, parent companies, and their employees, contractors, partners, principals, agents, and representatives, and any third-party providers or sources of information or data.

When you become a member, class or course student at Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun, you accept and agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics. You hereby certify that the information given to Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun is true, complete, and correct. You further understand if any of this information is later determined to be false, Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun reserves the right to revoke any certification (or certificate) that has been granted on the basis hereof. You further understand that Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun certification does not certify or in any way guarantee the quality of your work. You, therefore, agree to indemnify and hold harmless Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun its officers, directors, and staff from any claims due to negligence, omission or faulty advice that you may give to clients. You understand that Earth Harmony Wellness Institute (Earth Harmony) / Trinity Amun is not responsible for any actions or damages from any person arising out of your work.